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Easy Portable Network Scanner
Easy Portable Network Scanner
Easy Portable Network Scanner
Easy Portable Network Scanner
Easy Portable Network Scanner
Easy Portable Network Scanner
Easy Portable Network Scanner
Easy Portable Network Scanner

Easy Portable Network Scanner

Version 6.2!  Every SysAdmin, Tech and IT Manager need this tool!
This network scanner has evolved into a complete network inventory tool!

Best Features 

  • Get the switch port number for every device on your network.
  • Quick Software Audit and Software install counts.
  • Device View - CPU, Memory, Disk, Processes, Services, Event Logs
  • 'WiFi Analyzer' like scan to show signal strength and channels
  • Packet capture function to find network broadcasts
  • Remote file browser (with cut, copy, paste & delete)
  • See the logged in user
  • Export to CSV
  • Save scans as XML to update or search later.
  • Export to HTML Report


  • Get the switch port number for EVERY device on your network!
    • Supply this network scanner with your switch IPs and it will return the port number on the switch where each device is connected to. 
    • Test your switch to ensure it's compatible. If it is not supported, please let me know so that i can add support for it.
  • Super Quick installed software scan & search function
    • Use this to see how many devices have Office 2016, Torrent software or a specific patch installed.
    • Click the "Report" button to show the software install count across all the scanned devices as well as which devices have which software installed.
  • Live Device View
    • See Installed Software, Shares, Device Details when double clicking on device.
    • See Live CPU, Memory and Disk Active time status.
    • View active Processes and Service status.
      • CPU and Memory usage per process.
      • Kill Processes remotely.
      • Start, Stop, Restart Services remotely.
    • See important Event logs on the remote device
    • Scan for Wireless Network details
      • "Network Analyzer-like" feature.
      • Scan for wireless networks.
        • Shows the SSID, Authentication, Encryption, MAC Address, Vendor, Channel, Band, Radio Type and Signal strength.
      • It can also show you the AP you are connected to, like Network Analyzer.
    • DHCP Server info Scan
      • Scan your Microsoft DHCP Server for additional info during a scan.
      • See lease and reservation info per IP.
      • Obtain remote subnet hostnames and MAC addresses when a normal scan returns no results. 
    • Packet Capture function that highlights devices that send the most packets instead of using complicated filters.
    • Save Scans
      • Save scans as XML. This allows you to load the scan later and run another scan to add missing devices. With this method you can get a complete list of devices instead of only having a list of devices that were present with each scan. 


    • IP Scanner automatically detects the subnet you are on.
    • In-App Update
      • Now you don't need to update via the update emails anymore.
      • Update straight from the application by clicking Help > Update. 
    • Right click menu allows per device
      • Connect
        • with Browser
        • Telnet
        • SSH (downloads putty and connects)
        • File Share
        • RDP
        • Offer Remote Assistance
        • SCCM connect
      • Actions
        • GP Update (requires wmi auth, can select multiple devices)
        • Reboot (requires wmi auth, can select multiple devices)
        • Log off user
        • Continuous ping
      • Device Trust status
        • Right click a device to mark it as trusted.
        • This device will then be trusted in all future scans.
        • This allows you to easily spot new devices on the network.
      • ADSI Properties
      • See all Reliability index events
    • IP Scan
    • MAC Vendor Lookup (requires internet
    • Port Scan
    • Filter quickly on scanned items.
    • Watch list to keep an eye if a device is online or offline.
      • Right click a device and click Toggle Watch.
    • Auto Update every x minutes.


      • Find logged in user
      • Get the device operating system
      • Get the NIC speed for the workstation
      • Grab the Serial Number from the bios
      • Get the MAC address from WMI when you are not on the same Subnet.
      • Model details
      • Windows Reliability Index
      • CPU name
      • Memory
      • Local Time of workstation
        • This is useful when you have complaints about time issues on the network. To see how many devices are affected. 
      • Custom WMI query.
      • Quick Software Audit (see screenshot)
        • Supply WMI Credentials or run from your DC.
        • Collects all installed software on all workstations.
        • Can also collect installed update details.
        • Filter for installed software by device to highlight all the devices with that software installed.
        • Click the report button to see the install count per software.
        • See the workstations each software version is installed on.


      • Description
      • Name
      • Location
      • Uptime
      • Remote MAC, also works great for devices on remote Subnet.
      • Supports multiple snmp community names in a single scan!

      Active Directory

      • Now you can select "auto - trust" Active Directory devices.
      • This will mark all the AD devices with a blue mac-address.
      • You can also right click on a device and view important ADSI properties.

      This scanner is ideally suited for a Microsoft Domain and SNMP switch enabled environment to make use of all its features. It will work on other networks, but some WMI and SNMP features may not work. If you are the admin of such a network, this tool will be a huge asset to you. 


      What are the requirements? 

      The perfect tool to accommodate this is the SNMP Switch Details Viewer

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